Client and Endpoint Management, Workshops

TMF01 Workshop: Modern Management - Windows Autopilot and Intune Advanced Workshop


8:00am - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Petri Paavola

Yodamiitti Oy

You asked here it is. In this workshop we assume Windows Autopilot and Intune basics are already known. We'll fly through basics quickly and then continue with more advanced scenarios.

In this workshop we will configure Windows Autopilot and Intune environment with more advanced scenarios. We will go through application deployment, configuration management, reporting, PowerShell management and troubleshooting.

Petri will share his tips and tricks from years of experience working with these technologies.

End result is working environment with apps and configurations.

Come and get new ideas for your own environment.

You will learn:

  • Windows Autopilot advanced tips and tricks
  • Intune app management and configurations advanced tips and tricks
  • Intune reporting and troubleshooting advanced tips and tricks

Participants may configure their own test or production Intune&Autopilot environment during the day while different topics are explored. This is optional and participants can choose how they want to take notes (write down notes and/or configure some settings to their own Intune environment)

Attendee Requirements for optional hands-on participation:

  • You must provide your own laptop 
  • Your machine must have a modern web browser